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Past Photographic Collections

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2014 illumin tungsten 01
Tungsten Collection 2014

Styles with eccentric bobs


Tungsten styles want maximum attention for a feminine punk appeal. Young fashion power in vinyl, leather and fur. The cuts are edgy with hard contours: short bobs with voluminous texture and graphical short cuts with eccentric details. The futuristic looks are endowed with neon-purple streaks and colour effects in dip-dye technique. “Tungsten” lifestyle: “What we wade into, we will carry off!”

2014 illumin romance 02
Lustrous Romance Collection 2014

Elegant waves for avant-garde divas

Lustrous Romance

Lustrous Romance styles have a glowing trend effect. A tribute to Dior’s “New Look“: shiny big hair creations, XL chignons with rhinestone jewelry and opulent waves. Copper à la Rita Hayworth or glam brunette as once Ava Gardner. The forties as inspiration for modern elegance and diva looks deluxe: impressive and sophisticated. “Lustrous Romance” as the perfect, feminine new fashion sphere.

2014 illumin solar 02
Solar Eclipse Collection 2014

Graphic Cuts

Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse beams the sixties to the future and appears heavenly purist. An abstract shape pattern in artful Op-Art is reinvented: graphical cuts and monochrome hair colour underline the strict texture. The perfect up-do style with its sharp contour has the makings of a sculpture. “Solar Eclipse” appears futuristic, bright and daring – looks so exciting and spectacular as the sky phenomenon.

2014 illumin poetic 02
Poetic Halo Collection 2014

Nostalgic Glamour Curls

Poetic Halo

The lifestyle universe of “Poetic Halo“ is nostalgic and feminine in a hyper modern way. Undone up-dos with braided hair bands in pastel tones and soft curls in elaborate complexity are the styles of cool princesses who love to stand in the light. With it, light outfits of feathers and multi necklaces. Poetical looks – fabulous, mysterious and sometimes magical in delicate mint sorbet.

Diversity Collection 2014

Hair fashion as artistic design creations of different worldviews.


The Intercoiffure Mondial Collection DIVERSITY 2014 was produced in Bali: exotic lighting effects, cool street styles and imaginative luxury cuts
reveal a fascinating global fashion language. Fashion is beauty and communication at the same time. And Intercoiffure Mondial speaks this worldwide language of colors, shapes and styles with great emotionality, creativity and incomparable flair for trends – Vision of the Elite.

whitenights 1 14x21cm
White Nights Collection 2015

Painters of Light and Design Artists

White Nights

Nordic architects have a masterful and intuitive sense for colors, shapes and harmonies. The Intercoiffure Mondial creative team that realized, staged and photo - graphed the trend collection White Nights 2015 in Oslo, worked as playfully and persuasively.

Oversize it! Fashion creations oversized; XL is the trend. Taking inspiration from the Nordic seasons where the summer days are long and in the winter the night seems almost

indigo tribe 4 22x31cm
Indigo Tribe Collection 2015

Urban, Rock & Easy

Indigo Tribe

Cool blond and pure sexiness. Model off duty looks, retro sixties cuts and soft blonde bobs, colour highlighted. Taking classic mens cuts and making them feminine with softer edges, combining fresh with precision. 

2015 contrast collection small
Contrast Collection 2015

Minimalist Design and Romance

White Space

Inspiration is extravagant urban chic, the mega trend of fashion designers. Rock n Roll short cuts, with softer nuances - Tomboy styles in pastel pink and violet; long layered hairstyles with XL fringes in platinum blonde combined with ivory shimmers. 

Metallic Brown

Metallic brown with gold effect is glamorous and spectacular. It-girl locks with futuristic appeal, allowing stylist to play with different structures. Ultra sleek fringes, with hair curled; wild boho looks with androgynous graphic styles. 

Mono Contrast

Strong reds give mon contrast an intense feel - airy, natural and with lots of volume, the long wonderfully light mane flows to the waist and is effortless with street style glam. 

2016 happiness collection small
Happiness Collection 2016

A feeling of euphoria, well-being, joy, pleasure & laughter


Happiness is the essence of beauty - this collection is dedicated to the art of being happy and reveals joyful, frivolous and astonshing looks.

Pure Bliss

What is the connection between Fashion and Happiness? shades of pink and fuschia with blonde, short eccentric cuts in Pop-Art Style. Joyful, young, easy and street style. 

Social Butterfly

Intense and expressive - redheads in bright coppers with beautiful shades of mahogany. Red is seductive and shows womens in love with life. Social butterflies are non-conformists: short, graphical and asymmetrical. 


Bright as a star at night - it's time to shine! Beaming from a futuristic fashion galaxy with nostalgia harking back to total divas and an asiatique touch. Blond desert sand and pyroclastic black cloud.

Seventh Heaven

The promise of happiness; brides are in seventh heaven and the ultimate embodiment of happiness. Think spectacular up-dos, bee's nest chingons and avant-garde light and airy plaits.