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About Us


Since 1958, the Australian branch of Intercoiffure has been fostering hairdressing talent across the country and allowing our members to grow. Intercoiffure Modial remains one of the most influential organisations in hairdressing today with over 4000 innovative stylists in 55 countries worldwide.

The culture of Intercoiffure is as diverse as it is vibrant with members from all walks of life and we invite new perspectives in creativity. 

One foot in the past, the other in the future

Founded in Paris 88 years ago, Intercoiffure Mondial members continue to elevate the industry to greater standards with their genuine love of the craft and dedication as educators.

Despite our age, we are anything but old fashioned, still leading the world's hairdressers with our creativity and business acumen. 

Salons are invited to join Intercoiffure Australia as members on the basis of:

- Possession of extraordinary hairdressing skills

- Cutting edge work, fearlessness in challenging the status quo

- Successful business acumen coupled with integrity

- The sharing of knowledge and expertise with their contemporaries

Intercoiffure Australia represents the 100 dynamic hairdressers, located in both urban and rural areas. The mandate of each member is to strive to be at the forefront of hair fashion, to be inspirational to all they come in contact with and to deliver exceptional service for all discerning clients.