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Collections & Photography Competition


Annual Hair Photographic Competition

Each year, Intercoiffure members in Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa are invited to participate in Intercoiffure Australian Photography Competition. The competition seeks to recognise members’ talent, creativity, and imagination in framing a complete “photographic look.”

Intercoiffure Australia selects an Overall Winner photograph, and it also honours the top two photographs in each of 10 categories. Intercoiffure Ausralia awards each winning stylist a trophy, and the Overall Winner also receives full registration to the Intercoiffure Australia Congress for the following year.

Intercoiffure Mondial Collections

Intercoiffure Mondial produces a number of collections each year, forecasting the trends of the year to come. See some of our collections here.

justin zeiser senior editorial image 2 fatty arbuckles wa
Overall Winner 2017, Justin Zeiser, Fatty Arbuckles (WA)