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Oceania Awards


The most prestigious of awards for haidressing in our region.

The Oceania region award is the most prestigious award in the Oceania Region and celebrates the artistry and skill of the professional Intercoiffure member and contribution in the hair fashion industry. Each year, individuals are recognized in 4 categories of excellence in the hall of fame awards. The 4 categories are:

Hall of Fame
New Generation
Fellowship Award
Salon of the Year

These prestigious awards highlight each member’s skills and add prestige to their portfolio.It also allows Intercoiffure members to join the elite of the industries brightest and most talented artists globally.

The Hall of Fame

Rene Henri

Raymond Millward

John Grau

Nicholas Schwitter

Harman Lander

Fredric Muller

Herbert Frey

Marie Best

Josephine Wrightson

Maurice Miggiano

Domenic Coia

Josephine Piazza

Tony Mickle

George Piazza

Noel Nicholson

Tricia Hick

Noel Edwards

Shelagh Williamson

Cheryl Delmo

Robert Briscoe

Michael Digney

Franco Calabria

Judith McKinlay

Toni Mitchell

June Wilde

Raymond Conty

Kathe Kobold

Peter Francis

James Calabria

Enzio Giannagostino

Marie McIntosh 

Lisa Moore

Teresa Italiano

Karen Burgess

Salon of the Year Recipients

Head Hunters (2012)

Franco of Canberra (2013)

Cyber Hair (2014)

Fellowship Award Recipients

Terrina Brown (2012)

Anita Sutton-Galloway (2012)

Pamela Wilson (2012)

Kerry Pearson (2013)

Trish Hicks (2013)

Shar Sutherland Todd (2013)

Michelle Clarke (2013)

James Calabria (2013)

Angela Kontopoulos (2013)

Anthony Tan (2013)

Tony Mitchell (2014)

Jamie Carroll (2014) 

Sam Calabria (2014)

Dale Brierty (2014)

New Generation Award Recipients

Kerry Pearson (2012)

Matthew Johnson (2012)

Samantha Ward (2013)

Jason Davies (2013)

Wayne Richardson (2013)

Anita Sutton-Galloway (2014)

Prue Hendrikx (2014)