Aussie surfing icon Layne Beachley launches Awake Academy, a “no bullsh*t” transformational self-empowerment platform

Intercoifure Australia had layne as a guest with her inspiring story. 

Seven-time world surfing champion and all-round Australian legend, Layne Beachley, has today launched Awake Academy, an online self-empowerment platform offering a series of transformational courses designed to guide participants to detach from fear, take control and live a life they love - boosting confidence, connection and centeredness.

Awake Academy brings together many of the powerful lessons that Layne has shared over the years in her face-to-face motivational keynote presentations and workshops, with the course content incorporating NLP, meditation, high performance mindset coaching and mentoring.


Awake Academy is inspired by my personal awakenings – it’s deeply personal and I certainly feel a sense of vulnerability putting it out there. But, I truly believe it can help people who are ready to radically change their lives.”

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