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Intercoiffure Australia & Mondial Awards

Nominations, rules and what awards are on offer

Intercoiffure Australia and Intercoiffure Mondial recognise the outstanding contributions and accomplishments of their members each year with a number of prestigious awards. Descriptions of each of these awards are listed on the right.

If you would like to highlight the work of one of your fellow Intercoiffure members, please consider nominating him or her for one of these awards. All nominations must include an official nomination form, the curriculum vitae of the nominated member, and supporting documentation. Nominations for members who have unresolved membership fees will be automatically rejected.

People associated with the hairdressing profession, but who are not members of Intercoiffure, may receive honorary awards from Intercoiffure Australia. In these cases, awards are presented in consideration of their involvement with, and contribution to, Intercoiffure Australia.

These awards are all given annually. The deadline for applications for the Intercoiffure Australia awards is 1 August, and the deadline for applications for the Intercoiffure Mondial awards is 1 April.

For more information about any Intercoiffure awards, or to receive an official nomination form, please contact Domenic Coia, the Chairman of the Awards Committee of Intercoiffure Australia, by phone at 03-5443-0542 or by mail at 19 Yeramba Close, Bendigo, VIC 3550.

Award Nomination Procedure

  1. Submission of nominations

a)      Each section chairperson or individual member may nominate any member for an award by submitting their nomination, on the official nomination form, to the chairman of the awards committee.

b)      Members must meet the appropriate criteria for the award for which they are nominated

  1. Processing of nominations

a)      The chairman of the awards committee will in the first instance, verify all information submitted including the nominees eligibility for the award nominated.

b)      Nomination of unfinancial members or members having outstanding fees will be automatically rejected.

c)       Nominations will be processed only when accompanied by a curriculum vitae of the nominee and supporting evidence.

d)      Committee will submit its recommendations to ICD board for approval.

  1. Approval of nominations

a)      Recommendations for awards shall not take effect unless, and until, approved by ICD board

b)      The ICD board decision is final

  1. Period of awards

a)      Membership of awards is for life except in the provision of section 5 following

  1. Discipline

Disciplinary procedures are applicable to any dishonourable conduct and are subject to judgement involving loss of civil rights. Where the provision may be applied the central Executive Committee will deliberate on all matters pertaining to the status of the awards sanction.

Awards to non-Intercoiffure members

1)      Persons outside of Intercoiffure membership, but associated with the hairdressing profession may receive an honorary award in the order of Intercoiffure Australia.

2)      Beneficiaries of this award will not be liable to the provisions and regulations pertaining to members

3)      Awards will be made in consideration of their involvement with, and contribution to, Intercoiffure Australia. 


Australian Silver Jubilee

Intercoiffure Australia honours members who give meritorious service willingly to their state with the Australian Silver Jubilee award. To be eligible for this award, the nominated member must not be eligible for the international Chevalerie Awards.

Raymond Millward Award

The Raymond Millward Award is presented by Intercoiffure Australia to one member each year who has made an outstanding contribution in the management area.

Life Member of Honour

Intercoiffure Australia recognises members, upon retirement, who have served at least 15 years, been active in an executive capacity, and made a great contribution to the association with the Life Member of Honour title. Life Members of Honour have no voting rights, but they receive free lifetime membership in Intercoiffure.

To earn this title, members must be nominated and ratified by all members of their section, and the recipients of these esteemed titles are announced each year at the national congress.



The Knight Award, or Knighthood, is presented to members who have given exceptional service within Intercoiffure Australia.


The Officer Award, or the rank of Officer, is presented to a member who has already attained Knighthood. The Officer Award recognises the additional outstanding service that member has performed for Intercoiffure Australia in the three years following his or her receipt of the Knight Award.


The Commander Award, or the rank of Commander, is presented to a member who has already achieved the rank of Officer. The Commander Award recognises a member’s additional outstanding service to Intercoiffure Mondial in the three years following his or her receipt of the Officer Award.

The Grand Cross

The Grand Cross is Intercoiffure Mondial’s highest honour. It recognises members who have held the rank of Commander for at least five years for their extraordinary work towards the advancement of Intercoiffure Mondial. The Grand Master and the Council bestow this award, and no member can nominate himself or herself for consideration.


The Personality of the Year is awarded to one member in each section of Intercoiffure Mondial for their exceptional contributions to the organisation over the past year. The recipient of the award is selected by a general election in each section. (Intercoiffure Australia is part of the Intercoiffure Oceania section.)

Recipients of the Personality of the Year awards are chosen for their special actions and commitment to Intercoiffure Australia and Intercoiffure Mondial, their contributions to the hairdressing market in their respective countries, and their innovations in their own salons, including the décor, clientele, and promotions.

The winners of the Personality of the Year awards are announced at Intercoiffure Mondial’s annual Night of Stars event, and each winner receives a special award from the President of Intercoiffure Mondial. In addition, each winner is recognised at the Mondial Performance.

The winners are also highlighted in a feature story in the Intercoiffure Magazine, and a press release is sent to trade press organisations.